West Michigan Company Serving Families “Becoming” a National Supplier


Gold Coast Doulas, a western Michigan-based pregnancy, delivery and newborn service provider, is expanding nationwide with new virtual offerings that will sharpen its knowledge and offerings for pregnant women of the region.

The shift in focus was brought about by a realization that with the COVID-19 crisis and security
protocols, the landscape of pregnancy and childbirth has changed dramatically. In fact, Gold Coast Doulas co-owner Kristin Revere was in an interview on a live podcast at the start of the pandemic when the conversation sparked a number of questions in the world of birth, and for mothers and families. .

There were questions to be answered.

“What I said then is that the experiences your friend had when she was pregnant two years ago were no longer enough to get the information you need and prepare yourself. in childbirth, ”Revere said. “The advice she has to offer on what you are going through is very limited. From planning a baby shower to where you give birth, everything is different now.

“We were overwhelmed,” Revere said, with inquiries from expecting moms and their
caregivers. “There is a lot of fear. They want to stay safe and we understand how much connection people need during pregnancy, especially now. But when it’s safer for a pregnant woman to isolate herself, what do you do? We wanted to create this virtual community where women can connect with each other. “

Multimedia expansion in birth labor

Gold Coast Doulas is a Certified B company run by Revere and co-owner Alyssa Veneklase. In addition to providing family planning and non-judgmental birth doula services, the company offers sleep and breastfeeding counseling, as well as in-person postpartum doula support and infant care.

In an effort to provide ready and effective resources for mothers and families in western Michigan, Gold Coast has developed a strong news offering on its blog and has 115 episodes on the Ask the Doula podcast.

“We amplified that and went national to bring in the best resources and experts, so this is something that we have changed during this time, and it has allowed us to expand what we can do for local clients as well. , ”Revere said. “By interviewing nutritionists, fitness trainers, pelvic floor therapists, all of these amazing sources throughout the process of creating this podcast, we really learned in an expansive and organic way what the needs of pregnant women are. conception in the first year. “

“Becoming” offers mothers everywhere

Become a Mother is the new six-week online course for mothers and families developed by Gold Coast Doulas.

“Becoming” is the culmination of years in the business and a real hub during the COVID crisis to understand the challenges of becoming a mother during this time and to provide the resources that can best assist with birth planning and planning. in childbirth every individual mother wants, ”said Veneklase.

Revere teaches the first three weeks of the Pregnancy Planning and Childbirth course.
Veneklase teaches the next three weeks about postpartum planning, newborn care
and sleep. And then the conversation continues with experts in pelvic floor areas
therapy, hypnobirthing, chiropractic and much more.

“Whether it’s our first or fourth time having a mom, we help plan and coach through the process with relevant instruction from our team and professional experts across the country,” Revere said.

With previous experience supporting clients from Massachusetts, Florida, Hawaii to
Washington, Gold Coast Doulas with “Becoming” is an engaged and emerging local service
national provider of information and resources on pregnancy, family planning and infant care.

More information about Gold Coast Doulas can be found at goldcoastdoulas.com. The
Registration for the Becoming course is open until March 25 for the beta course. Register on:
thebecomingcourse.com/join. The beta course is at the reduced price of
$ 299. Ask the Doulas is available on Itunes and Soundcloud and on all other podcast players. A recent podcast is available here: goldcoastdoulas.com/nutritious-meals-for-


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