Suspected Michigan school shooter to continue insanity defense


15-year-old accused of killing four students in Michigan high school shooting will pursue insanity defense, PA reports.

The last: Ethan Crumbley’s defense attorney filed an opinion on Thursday that will lead to a series of mental health exams. The judge will then decide whether the insanity defense can proceed based on the test results, AP notes.

  • Crumbley, his parents and officials at Oxford High School in Michigan are dealing with a new trialwho is seeking at least $25,000 for the Nov. 30 shooting.
  • the trialfiled on behalf of the parents of one of the four students killed, alleges the defendants were “reckless to demonstrate a substantial lack of concern as to whether injury resulted.”

What they say : “Our family will never be the same again. We’re not doing well,” William Myre, Tate Myre’s parent, told AP.

  • “All we do is walk around the house and think about Tate,” William Myre said. “We think about him every day. We sit in his room. We listen to his playlist on Spotify. We’re not well, but we’ll find a way out together.”

Catch up fast: Crumbley is charged as an adult with murder, terrorism and other crimes for the shooting that killed four students and injured six students and a teacher.

  • Crumbley’s parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, have also been charged with four counts of manslaughter related to their alleged purchase of a handgun for their son.

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