Schools across the country play Michigan school fight song to show solidarity after shooting


Schools across the country performed a Michigan high school fight song to show solidarity with the community following a deadly shooting last month that left four dead and seven injured.

Oxford High School said in a statement Thursday that orchestras, choirs and school bands in states including Pennsylvania, New York and Kentucky have played the decades-old fight song for the past two weeks to show their solidarity with the community after last month’s school shooting there.

More than 80 videos were uploaded on schools playing the school’s fight song from the 1944 era, the school said.

The school noted a band manager who wanted to support the community but wasn’t sure how the fight song was given by middle and high school band managers.

“The videos were so beautiful to watch,” Marissa Weller, conductor at Oxford High School, said in a statement. “All these different bands, styles and places playing the same piece of music, joining in our same fight, is hugely encouraging. It’s a reminder that we can come together to create something beautiful in a time of need and tragedy.

“I get emotional every time I hear one,” school band director Jim Gibbons said in a statement. “It’s a very busy time in the world for the band as they work on their holiday gigs. But they’ve taken the time to learn our fight song and perform it for us and their own communities. C is just overwhelming for us.

The announcement comes several weeks after a deadly shooting left four students dead and seven others injured on November 30. Ethan Crumbley, 15, faces 24 charges in connection with the fatal school shooting. His parents, Jennifer and James Crumbley, also face four counts each of manslaughter.


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