Rising Gas Prices Could Impact Michigan Business Prices


LANSING, Mich. (WILX) — Gasoline prices have continued to rise since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine.

Rising prices don’t just impact your wallet when you fill up. Many companies are also affected, forcing many of them to raise their prices.

As of Friday afternoon, gasoline prices in Lansing were approaching $4 a gallon and are expected to rise further.

Hyacinth House makes approximately 80-100 deliveries per day. Some are planned and scheduled, while others are more spontaneous.

“These last-minute deliveries – if people need something delivered to their grandmother for their birthday, you know, late in the afternoon – you’re going to have to wonder if you can actually go and make that delivery” , said Jim Schmidt, with Hyacinth House.

Schmidt said he has seen his delivery costs increase by almost 40% over the past year. As those gas prices go up, those special deliveries might become less common, which they don’t want.

“I’m going to have to look into that if this type of last-minute delivery is going to be a delivery that we’re going to want to do,” Schmidt said.

Like many businesses, Hyacinth House is considering its options. So far, they’ve only had to raise prices by a dollar for delivery charges, but Schmidt said all they could do was prepare for what was to come.

“Give the other guy a little break and let them cut you off at the gas station,” Schmidt said. “Because the lines are coming in and the prices are going up.”

Schmidt said he doesn’t anticipate Hyacinth House will need to make any further business changes, but as prices continue to rise, that’s becoming less promising.

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