‘Our Lives Have Changed’: Online Learning Now King, Michigan Business Schools Focus On Flexibility And Diversity



“I did everything online,” Crimando said. “Having this mode helps women a lot. We can study when the kids are in bed. We can study between car trips and soccer practice. Because mothers are supposed to do so many things, it can be very difficult. “

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, more than 80% of MBA programs nationwide saw an increase in applications last year, but the deferral rate fell from 2% to 6%. There is usually a lull in applications before the summer before a fall rush, but the pandemic delayed applications last September. Business schools are counting on students like Crimando, whose situations are still changing, to resume their studies.

While still in the early stages of the cycle, applications rose 37% at Wayne State, where graduate enrollment last fall fell 4% to 1,356 students. Only about 20% of MBA courses are expected to take place in person, Jones said, but that could change in the coming months.

“I don’t think business is picking up as usual,” Jones said. “Flexibility. Right now, that’s really the buzzword of the day.”

Even schools that carved out a niche for e-learning from the late 1990s have had to adapt quickly. Troy-based Walsh College, which caters to working professionals, has invested $ 300,000 for 14 “connected” classrooms during the pandemic. Students wanted more synchronous online options, which is why the college installed high-quality microphones and cameras that follow teachers around the classroom to make lessons more immersive. Teachers can observe their students through display screens.



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