Northern Michigan School Board To Send Letter Of Protest After Record 16 Football Goals | Local sports



KINGSLEY, Michigan – A northern Michigan school board plans to send a letter of protest to a nearby school district after a football game between school teams sets a national record and sparked a national debate on the spirit athletic.

Kingsley area schools officials at their school board meeting earlier this month said they plan to draft a response letter to administrators at Benzie central schools after the district football team posted a score of 17-0 in a game against Kingsley’s winless boys’ team.

The September 29 game garnered national attention after Benzie star forward Kevin Hubbell set the state record and national record with 16 goals in that game. Heavy criticism of both his performance and the handling of the game by Benzie’s head coach Chris Batchelder quickly followed.

Hubbell broke Michigan’s previous record of 10 goals in a game, a mark set by Karl Trost in 2003 against East Jordan in a 20-0 victory. He also broke the national record of 14, which lasted 41 years after Dale Self of Sumter High School in South Carolina set him in 1980.

Kingsley head coach Tim VanWingerden previously said the 17-0 loss was “quite demoralizing”.

Nine Kingsley footballers entered the reunion after another loss on Monday that ended their season – another loss out of pity.

William Pelloski was one of nine people standing at the back of the high school library. The 15-year-old sophomore – dressed in a dirt-covered and grass-stained uniform – remained silent during the public comments. Several parents – including Pelloski’s father Zach Schaaf – have spoken up, defended the football team and expressed outrage at the treatment of the team this season.

Kingsley Superintendent Keith Smith said an official response to Benzie from the district was appropriate.

“They behaved with a lot more dignity and grace than I could have on my own,” Smith said. “Hats off to the children for staying there and playing.”

Administrator Mike Schueller made no effort in his response.

“If we could do that I would fire this coach so quickly it would make his head spin,” he said. “We are always behind every athlete, every student. We’re going to do whatever we can – as much as we can – to fix that. “



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