Michigan School Districts Participate in Second Count Day of the Year


ISHPEMING TOWNSHIP, Michigan (WLUC) – For the second time this year, Count Day has taken place in Michigan school districts. It is a day when schools count the number of children present and registered for the year.

As NICE Community Schools Superintendent Bryan DeAugustine explains, the number of students counted on Wednesday is tied to this year’s budget.

“These are the salaries of the teachers,” he said. “It’s the bus fees. It’s the textbooks. It goes towards electricity, heat and computers. All of these expenses come from those dollars per student. “

NICE is currently operating with a budget of $ 15,000,000, of which about two-thirds comes from the number of students. DeAugustine plans to have a tally of 1,168 students, with the district receiving $ 8,700 for each.

“Locally, we get about 25% of our income, then 75% comes from the state,” he explained. “This is all based on the number of children who actually attend school during the school year. “

There are two count days that take place each calendar year, with most of the funding coming from the October count.

“Schools receive eleven state aid throughout the year,” DeAugustine said. The first one arrives in October and the last one arrives in August. There is no state aid in September.

Despite COVID-19, DeAugustine says her district got lucky last year, as around 90% of students were able to do an in-person apprenticeship. This year, he hopes for another good count.

“We’re never too far away,” he said. “We feel really good about it. It’s hard to get the exact number of single-digit children, but we’re still a few percentage points away from the actual student body.

The next countdown day will be the second Wednesday in February 2022.

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