Michigan school district sued after biracial student haircut



MOUNT PLEASANT, MI – A father has filed a million dollar lawsuit against a Michigan school district, alleging racial discrimination after his biracial daughter received an unwanted haircut from her teacher.

Jimmy Hoffmeyer filed a lawsuit on behalf of his daughter, Jurnee Hoffmeyer, in federal court on Tuesday, according to a report from MLive.com. The lawsuit names Mount Pleasant Public Schools, Librarian Kelly Mogg and Educational Assistant Kristen Jacobs as accused.

In the lawsuit, Hoffmeyer claims the defendants violated Jurnee’s constitutional rights. It also details the charges of ethnic intimidation, intentional imposition of emotional distress and bodily harm.

Two days later, Jurnee’s hair was cut again. This time it was by a teacher.

“She was crying,” Hoffmeyer told The Associated Press the day Jurnee came home with the haircut. “She was afraid she would be in trouble to have her hair cut.”

Hoffmeyer, who is also biracial, said he received little explanation from the school district.

On July 2, the Mount Pleasant School Board concluded a third-party investigation into the incident, MLive.com reported. The investigation concluded that Mogg had not acted with racial prejudice and could keep his job.

The board of directors also decided to place Mogg on a “last chance” employment contract, which means that any future breaches would result in his dismissal.



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