Michigan school bus driver saves toddler


A school bus driver rescued a 2-year-old child involved in a carjacking, and the boy was quickly returned to his parents, reported WRAL News.

According to Michigan authorities, on October 6, a carjacker stole the vehicle of a Kentwood mother and father who were waiting outside their moving car as they waited for their oldest child to board the school bus.

A stranger ran, got into the car and drove off with the 2-year-old brother in the backseat.

At the same time, Kelloggsville School District bus driver Dave Skinner was driving down their street and called 911. He then made a call via his bus radio warning other bus drivers to be on the lookout .

Bus conductor Sue Figueroa had just seen a young boy sitting along the roadway. The carjacker had noticed the child in the car as he was driving away and left him on the side of the road before driving off.

Figueroa allegedly grabbed the child and placed him on his bus, then returned him to his parents.

Kentwood police found the stolen car, but at this report had not yet located the carjacker. The investigation is continuing and anyone with information is urged to contact law enforcement.

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