Michigan school board president impeached after being accused of beating treasurer


A Michigan the president of the school board is accused of choking and punching a council member during a meeting before she was removed as council leader, officials said Thursday.

The incident happened at an otherwise “unremarkable” gathering on Wednesday morning in Flint, said board member and treasurer Laura MacIntyre, who was leading a meeting on financial matters.

MacIntyre said she was managing the order of board member comments when Flint Board of Education president Danielle Green blew up.

“Very, very commonplace. So commonplace that I can’t even remember what triggered it,” MacIntyre said Thursday.

Green walked over to MacIntyre’s seat “and stood right on top of me, towered over me, and started wagging his finger at me,” MacIntyre said.

“And I stood up, startled, to get away from her — at that point she grabbed my throat and started choking me,” MacIntyre said. “She grabbed the top of my head, then banged my head against the table and started hitting my head.”

Green did not respond to multiple requests for comment Thursday.

There was no obvious spark for the attack, said school board attorney Charis Lee, a district spokesperson.

“I was just told it wasn’t caused by individuals who saw it,” Lee said Thursday.

Later that day, the directors removed Green as chairman, but not from the board itself.

There is no mechanism to recall a Flint school board member, and only the governor would have such power, Lee and MacIntyre said.

A representative for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer could not immediately be reached for comment.

MacIntyre said she was treated by her doctor on Wednesday and was in concussion protocol on Thursday.

“I’m physically in a lot of pain and I’m struggling,” she said.

There have been no arrests and the incident is being investigated, Flint Police Detective-Sgt. Tyrone Booth said.

“I can’t say that an assault ‘at a school board meeting’ was one that I remember,” Booth said. “Obviously there are emotional issues that a school board discusses, and sometimes the temperatures and personal temperatures go up a bit. But I can’t say I remember an assault that took place.”

MacIntyre said she would seek a restraining order against Green. The next board meeting is scheduled for April 13.

The two board members have known each other for years and have had no friction, MacIntyre said.

“We don’t necessarily agree on everything, but we do have a working relationship,” she said. “There have been disagreements in the past, but nothing, nothing, to justify this at all.”


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