Michigan school board member after Oxford shooting: make school optional



In an interview, the former state official told Bridge Michigan that parents who have kids struggling with mental health or stress shouldn’t be forced to send their kids to school.

“I’ve heard of parents whose kids are under a lot of pressure from school, and getting them out of that environment can be a good thing,” McMillin said. “The last thing they need is an absenteeism officer knocking on their door. They can get an education when they can… and not have to worry about state laws and truancy laws.

McMillin has a habit of making waves in Michigan political circles. The Rochester Hills resident is a conservative with libertarian views who served in the state legislature from 2009-2014. In the past, he has demonstrated outside abortion clinics and helped defeat a Royal ordinance. Oak on gay rights, but also worked with the ACLU on prisoners. rights issues.

The extremely unlikely proposal to repeal compulsory education is important because whoever suggests this is one of eight people elected statewide to serve on the state’s Board of Education. But the board lacks the capacity to change state education laws, which are set by the legislature.

The proposal received a frosty reception from Michigan education officials.

“I appreciate Mr McMillin’s recent interest in the mental health needs of students, however, to suggest that we abandon the stability of compulsory education for children is irresponsible,” said the Board chair. ‘State of Education, Casandra Ulbrich, in a statement.



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