Michigan government considers breweries more of a public good than schools



Mthe ichigan constitution contains a provision directly attacking religious and other non-public schools.

“No payment, credit, tax benefit, exemption or deduction, tuition voucher, grant, grant or loan of public funds or property will be granted, directly or indirectly, to support the attendance of a student or the employment of any no one at such a private school… ”

Maybe “no public funds for private schools” makes sense to you. But consider that the Michigan government provides direct aid to private craft brewers, private animal shelters, and private battery makers. So every private Michigan entity can get funds from the state except for a parent who wants to use their own education savings account to pay for private school tuition. It would be an “indirect” subsidy from a private school.

Yes, the Michigan “help” bars here aren’t even a good one. That’s the tax break parents get when they contribute to a $ 529 savings account, which federal law allows to spend on Kindergarten to Grade 12 as well as tuition. Brew beer for profit, and Michigan will give you direct help. Educate children? You can’t even get an indirect benefit from the state.

Why are private schools only verboten? Let Michigan officials answer that question.

The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation is helping some families file lawsuits to have this provision overturned. The foundation explains that many state laws against helping private schools are rooted in anti-religious bigotry – typically historic anti-Catholic bigotry dating back to the 19th century.

In addition, politically powerful teachers’ unions hate competition, and private schools compete.

The legislature and Governor Gretchen Whitmer could invoke this lawsuit by doing the right thing – changing the state constitution and letting people use their education savings to pay for tuition. In fact, they should go further and provide assistance to families who wish to send their children to private and religious schools.



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