Michigan company with Irish roots expands beyond state borders


The original Irish mustard

Irish mustard logo

Irish mustard logo

Incredible outsider story! This Michigan small business proves the American dream can stay alive with the help of other local small businesses!

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, December 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Colleen’s Irish Mustard debuted in Michigan in 2017 and is now expanding to Virginia! Founded by Jesse Anton, a marine veterinarian with no prior business knowledge, and his wife and business partner Michelle; the Anton’s attribute a large part of their success to finding the right team of partners as they think about growing the business.

Prior to Colleen’s conception, the recipe was a secret with the Anton family dating back to the 1800s, from Ireland to Perth, Canada to Michigan. Jesse Anton’s mom did it for special events and vacations. Later in life, Jesse acquired the recipe. Friends and family often joked about selling it in stores. This idea took 2.5 years to materialize with a product that was bottled, labeled and ready to use; but it was not an easy task!

By chatting with every touchpoint they could find, Jesse and Michelle learned of a Michigan-based co-packager who does not do any marketing outside of word of mouth for his facilities. They heard that this business was moving to their neighborhood in Warren, MI! Unfortunately, the company didn’t offer any marketing for the products, but the Antons’ willingness and determination to ask questions and find answers led them to the source.

Once Colleen’s Irish Mustard was able to partner up with Pronko Enterprises, Michelle and Jesse quickly realized how much of every product we see on grocery store shelves. From ingredient and shelf-stability testing to 14 label revisions, making sure everything met FDA standards was a process they said wouldn’t have happened without the help of Al Pronko and his daughter. Marie Married. Without all the information they had to put forth, Colleen’s wouldn’t be on the shelves today.

Colleen’s partnered with John Hofmann of Fusion Marketing for their logo design where they were surprised by the process. Asked about a timeline, John said that as a business, Fusion does not have set hours. Whenever designers feel creative, it’s when they’re working. You cannot force creativity.

The Merger way of doing business has really stuck with Jesse: “There’s something to be said about it. For a lot of people, that would put them off. They want those tight deadlines. I don’t believe it. J really like that concept; it was one of the most awesome things I’ve heard. And it’s not like he’s going to change that for me. I like that too. It was his style. . This is how they did it, and I liked it and I enjoyed this. “

More recently, Jesse and Michelle’s charismatic personalities and the need to connect with like-minded people brought them to Apex Gear Company. This website connects products owned by veterans and small businesses. Apex helped the Anons find a small, passionate, Virginia-based business that began offering Irish mustard on October 28.

After nearly five years of research and networking, Colleen’s Irish Mustard is a Michigan small business proving that the American dream can stay alive with the help of other local small businesses! Owned by a local veterinarian and his wife, the business has reached shelves in its 30th location and crossed the Michigan border, officially selling products in Virginia. Colleen’s Antons and Irish Mustard are living proof that small businesses can be successful through hard work and determination. And, with its love for these small businesses, Michigan is a fantastic place to start this journey! If you would like to learn more about Colleen’s Irish Mustard, you can visit their website.

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