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Michigan company uses goats to clean the banks of Frankenmuth.

Michigan company uses goats to clean the banks of Frankenmuth.

“We call it uh, goats. Someone invented this for us and we kind of took care of it,” said Doug Mourer of Twin Willow Ranch.

Mourer and his family business drive their goats all over Michigan to clear the brush. Their latest project is Star of the West Milling Company in Frankenmuth.

“And they help us clean the river banks of noxious weeds so that we can plant native plants there and keep the riverbank healthy,” Lisa said. Woodke, said Star of the West’s sustainability director.

Star of the West’s bank is great for goats like Sweet Pea, but too steep for bulldozers.

“It’s right by the river, so you don’t want to spray, you know, pesticides, chemicals and stuff like that. The other plus is that they don’t eat right down to the ground, like dirt, so you’re not going to get erosion, ”Mourer said.

In addition to being respectful of the environment, goats are respectful of people.

“People came to visit us and people from our office came to see them. I raised my kids at night, so it was really a great opportunity to interact with them,” said Woodke.

If you’re looking to book some goats from the Twin Willow Ranch soon, good luck!

“Every year it’s just about exponential growth and we, yes, we have so, so many jobs now that we’re already reserving for next year,” Mourer said.

All 10 Star of the West goats will be in Frankenmuth until Wednesday.


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