Michigan company pushes ugly holiday sweaters to new heights


Bad or nice? It’s your choice with these ugly holiday sweaters. // Photo-illustration by Allison Kahler; sweater photographs courtesy of UglyChrismasSweater.com

Tit’s not those flashy old sweaters Grandma brings out mothballs every Christmas. Fred and Mark Hajjar, co-founders of the online store UglyChristmasSweater.com, make it very clear.

Instead, a review of their website reveals a bolder version of the “ugly holiday sweater,” with sweaters bearing quotes and characters from the classic. Alone at home movies, Elf, Office, and Rick and morty; sweaters with daring, two-way patterns; and a collection of 3D sweaters with plush reindeer, sharks or unicorns protruding from the front and back. “We make these eye-catching sweaters; [that] is what we’re trying to do, ”says Mark. “And so, it’s not really like the ‘old grandma sweaters’ of the past. It almost became like Halloween [costume], where you try to impress someone with the craziest thing possible.

The Hajjar brothers started their business in 2012 after a series of Christmas sweaters they put on eBay cost as much as $ 500. Since then, UglyChristmasSweater.com has generated millions in revenue and expanded into customizable sweaters, pajamas, plush toys and lawn decorations. And to stay safe while still being festive, shoppers can now purchase equally extravagant masks to go with their sweaters.

The Hajjar’s creations – imagined in their warehouse in Walled Lake – have secured licensing deals with Disney, Netflix, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. and have been worn by the Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man, Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan and YouTuber and pro Ninja player.

Visit christmas pull.com for more information.


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