Michigan Business Warns of Online Giveaway Scam WFRV Local 5


NEGAUNEE, Michigan (WJMN) – J-Goods Plumbing and Heating just wanted to do something special for their customers. Until their Facebook giveaway for a heated Milwaukee jacket was exploited by a con artist.

“On Sunday, a few people contacted me and said, ‘Oh, have we given this jacket gift yet?’ That they thought they won it because they got messages saying they won the jacket, “said Heather Casey, service manager at J-Goods Plumbing and Heating.” That’s why when I ‘said,’ No, we haven’t given the giveaway yet. ‘It continues’ and I started to copy and paste photos of people showing the link sent to them, to claim their prize for this jacket.

The scammer created a personal profile that looked exactly like J-Goods Facebook page.
This made many people believe that it was J-Goods sending them a message.

“They were sending this link, if people clicked on it it asked for personal information, credit card information, and unfortunately some people fell victim to it and gave their personal and credit card information. We posted a notice telling everyone that this was a scam, don’t click on any links, we would never ask you for any personal information.

Here are some ways to recognize and avoid phishing scams provided by Michigan State Police:

  • Scammers will use social media, email, or text to trick you into giving them your personal information. This can include credit card information.
  • Phishing emails or messages may appear to come from a company or someone you know or trust.
  • Emails or messages may try to trick you into clicking a link or opening an attachment.

If you think you have been scammed, report profile or post, call local law enforcement or file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.


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