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HILLSDALE – Mindy Eggleston of Hillsdale High School recently received an award from the Michigan Business Professionals of America organization.

Eggleston, who served as a BPA advisor for 13 years at the high school level and six years at the intermediate level, received the Barbara Chambers Outstanding Advisor of the Year award.

This award celebrates individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty as a BPA Chapter Advisor. Eggleston, in her final year as the Local’s Senior Advisor, is said to have taken on the challenge of leading and mentoring hundreds of students as they learn business skills and compete in regional, state and national competitions. .

Junior High School Leah Reiniche and Principal Amy Goldsmith nominated Eggleston for this award at the end of 2019, but due to the pandemic this award was only awarded in 2021.

Reiniche, who is a member of the executive board of the BPA section, read part of his nomination letter to a group of 80 students who came together to surprise Eggleston with the award on March 12.

“Mindy Eggleston has been my BPA advisor for three years and I truly believe that the success I have had at BPA is due to her,” Reiniche wrote. “She pushed me to work harder and reach my full potential. Mindy is more than just an advisor; she is a leader who goes above and beyond, and she is a true champion. in the world of business training.

Eggleston’s accomplishments at the club are significant, said co-advisers Lauren Cornett and Sarah Sutliff. She has coached 614 high school students, including 137 regional champions, five state champions and one national champion. As an advisor to the mid-level BPA chapter at Davis Middle School, Eggleston has coached 121 middle school students with 36 state champions and a national champion. Additionally, Eggleston has worked closely with local businesses, advisors and administrators to open and establish a functioning business within Hillsdale High School with the creation of The Study Cup. As a result of this effort, BPA high school students have the opportunity to participate in the management and operation of a small business as part of their business club.

High school principal Amy Goldsmith participated in the awards ceremony and the nomination of Eggleston. She said Eggleston is an invaluable asset to the school and the district.

“She assumes a strong leadership position, which is honored in Hillsdale Community Schools,” said Goldsmith. “She is skilled at inspiring students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn and she has the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues. Ms. Eggleston plays an active and helpful role in the community, as well as in the school, and through it all she is poised, articulate and has the energy to support a busy schedule. The number of advisory, volunteer and other contributions she makes, including as an advisor to the Business Professionals of America, Future Corps, Yearbook and Freshman Mentor Program, shows her willingness to be an integral part of organizations seeking to improve quality. of our school. “

Eggleston received the award in a special surprise ceremony attended by 40 high school and 25 middle school students at Hillsdale High School. Cornett said Eggleston entered the cafeteria to a standing ovation.

“This award brought tears to my eyes. Working with the students of the Business Professionals of America Club has become one of the most important aspects of my teaching career,” said Eggleston. “Hundreds of students have become my children and I have included watching them succeed as a highlight of my work. BPA at Hillsdale has been a true team effort over the years. Thanks to Leah Reiniche and Amy Goldsmith for the nomination, and thanks to my co-advisers, Lauren Cornett, Sarah Sutliff, Laura Wilson and Jenny Duff, who have helped me over the years. “

HHS BPA Chair Ella Springer also spoke at the event. She spoke of the club and the “exceptional leadership and inspirational qualities of Eggleston.

“The club operates like a well-oiled machine, and I could see from the start that this was due to Ms. Eggleston’s excellent advice to the club. Not only is she an exemplary leader, but she cares about him. I feel so lucky to have been a member while Ms. Eggleston was a counselor. Without this club and Ms. Eggleston’s help, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Corneet said Eggleston’s tenure with the organization has been a source of pride for the district as the club seeks to impart professional and technical skills through the promotion of healthy competition. Students engage with the club through several weekly obligations that Eggleston coordinates and oversees.

“Eggleston’s continued dedication and support to this program has inspired the commitment and respect of her chapter members,” said Cornett. “The success of the Hillsdale BPA Chapter is a true reflection of Eggleston’s commitment to the district, the school, the community and its students.”

Mindy Eggleston receives the BPA Advisor of the Year award.  Left to right, President Ella Springer and Eggleston. [COURTESY PHOTO]



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