Michigan business grant program deadline Thursday


LANSING, Mich. (WNEM) – Michigan businesses still have a few days to apply for the Growing MI Business Grant Program.

The program is set up by the State of Michigan to distribute up to $409 million from the American Rescue Plan Act to businesses affected by the pandemic.

Businesses have until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, March 31 to submit their online application to the Michigan Treasury Department. Recipients will be notified in early summer and scholarships will be distributed by July 1.

“As we continue to grow our economy, I urge businesses to apply for the Growing MI Business Grant Program so they can get the support they need to thrive,” Governor Gretchen Whitmer said. “The deadline to apply for these grants, up to $5 million per company, is this Thursday, March 31. We will continue to work together to bring real relief to business owners as they create jobs for Michiganders and economic prosperity for their communities.

Under state law, nine types of businesses are eligible for a grant:

  • entertainment venues
  • Recreational facilities and public places of amusement
  • Barbers and cosmetologists
  • Exercise facilities
  • Catering establishments
  • Nurseries and growers
  • athletic trainers
  • Body art facilities
  • Hotels and B&Bs

“If you think you might be eligible for a grant, please check our website,” said State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks. “We have staff ready to answer your questions about the application process. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. We are here and ready to help. »

Under the grant program, eligible businesses that opened before Oct. 1, 2019, can receive a grant of up to $5 million to hire additional staff to fill vacancies, renovate or expand their business, or improve operations, said Whitmer.

Businesses that started operating between October 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020 can receive a grant equal to 25% of certain specified costs.

More information about the Growing MI Business Grant Program is available online. Those with questions can call 1-866-507-8462.


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