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Parents: Kindergarten student brings margarita mix to Michigan school Alex Smith and Dominique Zanders said their daughters both received what they thought was juice during snack time at Grand River Academy. (DTM)

LIVONIA. Mich. — Kindergarten is supposed to be a happy time for students. No time for happy hour.

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Parents at a Michigan school are expressing concern after they say a kindergarten student brought a ready-to-drink bottle of Jose Cuervo margarita mix to school, WJBK-TV reported. According to the parents, several students took sips of the mixed drink, including their daughters.

Alexis Smith and Dominique Zanders, whose daughters are dating Grand River Academy in Livonia, said their daughters both received what they believed to be juice during snack time, the TV channel reported. Instead, they drank a margarita mix brought by a kindergarten classmate.

“She felt dizzy, a little dizzy,” Zanders said. WJBK of her daughter’s reaction.

Smith said her daughter had a mug full of the mixed drink and took “four or five sips”.

“The girl poured it into her cup and she drank it and the girl ended up telling her what it was, and she went and told the teacher there was alcohol in that cup, and the teacher gave him a funny face,” Zanders said. WJBK.

The women said the child brought a plastic bottle to class, WDIV-TV reported. The small bottle contains just over 10% alcohol, according to the television channel.

The two women said the child who brought the single-serve premixed drinks carried them to school in his backpack, WJBK reported.

The school immediately contacted the parents of the five students involved, according to WDIV.

“There were so many thoughts going through my mind, like, ‘Oh my God, you know, what if it was open before the girl brought it to school, how much was it? Smith told the TV station. “My daughter is on medication. First of all, no child should drink, and you know, just the shock itself, it burns. How do you feel, like something could have happened.

In a statement shared with WJBK and WDIV, Grand River Academy officials called the incident “unfortunate.”

“While we try to keep an eye on everything our students bring to school, it is simply not possible,” the statement to the television station read in part. “It’s unfortunate that these types of adult drinks can be easily confused with kid-friendly drinks.”

The school immediately called the parents to let them know the children were safe, adding that they would consider disciplinary action.

However, Smith said the child’s parents should be held accountable.

“If your child knows what it is, there’s nothing wrong with it, but they should know not to touch it,” Smith said. WJBK. “That it’s not for children.


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