Here’s Why Suspected Michigan School Shooter Has Been Charged With Terrorism | national news



She said there was a lot of digital evidence in the case – videos and stuff on social media.

“But you probably don’t even have to see this to know how terrifying it is to be around another student shooting and killing fellow students. I mean, it’s terror,” he said. she added.

“Like all the other children who were in this building, and I speak about the terrorism charge, we have to have an appropriate consequence that speaks for the victims who were not killed or injured but also, they have been affected, how do they get back to school? “

A parent hugs a child as others pick up students from the Meijer store in Oxford, Mich., Following an active shooter situation at Oxford High School in Oxford on Tuesday November 30. Ethan Crumbley, accused of killing four fellow Michigan high school students, will stand trial as an adult and face charges of murder, assault and weapons.

Ryan Garza / Detroit Free Pres / AP

She said that many students cannot eat or sleep.

“Their parents sleep next to them and we shouldn’t ignore that,” she told CNN. “There are obviously four children who were murdered and many more injured, but over 1,000 were also killed.”

During Crumbley’s appearance on Wednesday, prosecutor Marc Keast said Crumbley came out of a school toilet and started shooting. Crumbley walked down the hall at a “methodical pace” and fired more shots.

This continued for another four or five minutes and he went to another bathroom, Keast said. When MPs arrived, Crumbley put down his gun and surrendered, the prosecutor said.

The judge pleaded not guilty at the request of his lawyer.



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