GOP blaming Democrats for Michigan school shooting fits its midterm election strategy



It didn’t take long for the right to blame the left for the deadliest school shooting in the United States in three years. Just four days after the tragic shooting that left four dead and seven injured at Oxford High School in Oxford Township, Michigan, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro blamed “liberal school staff” who -she said, had seen enough warning signs the 15-year-old suspect not to send him back to his class but to suspend him from school.

It didn’t take long for the right to blame the left for the deadliest school shooting in the United States in three years.

Notably, Pirro did not blame the Tories, even though between Tuesday’s murderous school shooting and his Saturday show, the GOP, by blocking a bill that would have required background checks at gun shows. fire, has once again demonstrated its opposition to taking even the smallest step to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. Instead, Pirro stuck with a popular conservative narrative that liberals are the root of violence in our society.

This is certainly not the first time that the Conservatives have accused the Liberals of crime. This is a standard claim. But the current combination of disturbing crime statistics and the approaching midterm elections mean Democrats should brace themselves for an even more intense attack of frightening allegations. Because Republican strategists seem poised to move halfway through and beyond pushing the mantra that Democrats have a crime problem.

Murders rose nearly 30% in America last year, the biggest increase since the FBI began collecting such data 60 years ago. The record increase in homicides has not accompanied a wider increase in general crimes. On the contrary, this surge was specifically about violence. The increase in homicides was also not a regional or geographically isolated increase; it was a national phenomenon.

Fox News, without a factual basis, has happily led the blame game against the party its figures hold responsible for the crime. Tucker Carlson, Dana Perino, Laura Ingraham and other presenters have introduced guests or expressed their own views that Democrats are to blame for the rise in violence. This is a smart political strategy, because the vast majority of American voters see crime as a major concern.

However, there is conflicting evidence that there is a direct cause and effect link between the policies typically associated with Democrats and the increase in violence. Despite this lack of conclusive evidence, bail and sentencing reforms, decriminalization of marijuana, progressive police and prosecutions, and even militant judges have all been identified as likely culprits. But we live in an age where facts and truth fall victim to propaganda and perception. Republicans are helping to create the perception that Democratic leaders are to blame. How the party handles this perception can make the difference between voters walking away from the party or trusting their elected officials to stay in power to fix the problem.

This year’s attention-grabbing crimes include large-scale robberies of high-end retailers by organized flash mobs with as many as 80 thieves in cities from Chicago to Minneapolis, San Francisco to Los Angeles. Police in the Los Angeles area are fighting a marked increase in “home tracking” thefts, in which people suspected of having luxury homes or cash are targeted for theft while on the move. drive and enter their residences. Last week, philanthropist Jacqueline Avant, 81, wife of music industry executive Clarence Avant, was murdered at the couple’s Beverly Hills home, police said, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tied her murder at home thefts. Just as Pirro blamed “liberal school personnel” for the Michigan school shooting, there are those in Los Angeles who blame liberal policies for the increase in violent crime there.

Ensuring the safety and security of people is a fundamental function of government. If Democrats are to continue governing, they must prioritize crime. They can start by attacking on two fronts: a battle against crime and a retreat from perceptions. Here are three things they can do now:

First, violent crimes relate to firearms. This problem lies squarely at the feet of the GOP. Democrats must hammer this house down to all voters. Last year, according to the FBI, 77% of all homicides were committed with firearms. Democrats shouldn’t let voters forget that two days after the Oxford high school shooting the GOP refused to help close the gun exposure loophole. When it comes to exposing the GOP’s complicity in gun violence, Democrats must “wash, rinse, repeat.”

Democrats shouldn’t let voters forget that after the Oxford High School shooting the GOP refused to help close the gun exposure loophole.

Second, organized thefts from retail businesses will continue to terrorize shoppers in cities and suburbs during the holiday season and mid-term next year, unless measures to strengthen law enforcement are taken. are quickly taken. Regional law enforcement task forces must be formed and funded, intelligence analysts must be hired, and overtime must be approved so stores can be secured and leaders can be identified. Police partnerships with social media platforms should focus on algorithms that alert on keywords and indicators that large-scale theft plans are underway. If these mobs travel to commit their thefts, as they often do, they may be in violation of Federal Hobbs Law, and the FBI should be asked to team up with local police.

Third, stronger legislation should be proposed now to reflect the organized nature and the cumulative financial losses of smash-and-grab events. Some police, prosecutors and retail associations say the current laws on individual shoplifting charges are inadequate to tackle mass crime. If so, Democratic leaders should take the lead in ensuring that the charges and penalties match the crime, especially for repeat offenders.

If offenses continue to rise and the GOP convinces the public that Democrats are the culprits, then Democrats will not have to worry about finding real solutions to the problem. Because they will have been deleted and will not have the power to remedy them.



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