Central Michigan school officials respond to threats of violence at TikTok National School


LANSING, Mich. (WILX) — A national TikTok challenge threatening violence in schools is drawing a strong response from educators and parents nationwide.

Some Mid-Michigan schools notified parents of the threat and added an additional police presence on Friday. A parent told News 10 that she kept her children at home because she didn’t want to take the risk.

“You never know you never know if this will be your kids’ school,” said Mid-Michigan parent Courtney Peek.

Peek said that while you can’t control what other kids do, as a parent she encourages her kids to have open conversations with her about those situations.

“We tell our kids about the dangers of guns and to be careful when they lock drills because it’s important. We can’t protect them all the time,” Peek said.

Eaton Rapids Schools said since the tragedy at Oxford High School they have heard rumors of threats constantly and are asking the community to immediately report anything they see to the school.

“If there is anything that becomes a valid threat based on an assessment by the police and us, we will take action and move to closing the campus,” the public schools superintendent said. ‘Eaton Rapids, Bill DeFrance.

Eaton Rapids isn’t the only local school to issue a statement to parents. Schools such as Waverly and Jackson have also taken steps to keep parents informed. DeFrance said this has become an all too common concern and they want to avoid disrupting learning as much as possible.

“These rumors are now persistent and I unfortunately think they are going to be around for a while, so if we laugh at every rumor we might not be at school for a considerable amount of time. We have had enough of these rumors to hunt that unfortunately seems to take up part of every day,” DeFrance said.

Defrance said the police presence is a security measure and there is no credible threat to the school. If you see or hear rumors of school violence, you can report them anonymously through OK2Say.

OK2SAY is available 24/7 and tips can be submitted in the following ways:

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