Boy charged in Michigan school shooting will remain in jail


PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) — A 15-year-old boy accused of killing four students at a Michigan high school will remain in jail pending trial, a judge said Tuesday, denying a request to be transferred to a teen facility.

A transfer would be a burden on the understaffed Children’s Village and too risky for others, Oakland County Judge Kwame Rowe said.

“Ethan Crumbley’s basic needs are being met in prison,” Rowe said. “He has food, water, television, books, showers and communicates with the public and his family members through electronic communication.”

The judge noted that Crumbley is staying at a clinic inside the county jail and is kept apart from adult inmates. Rowe said the teen’s emails were generally positive.

Crumbley is charged with murder and other crimes in an Oxford high school mass shooting on November 30. His attorneys said they would pursue an insanity defense.

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Separately, James and Jennifer Crumbley are charged with manslaughter on a theory that they failed to obtain a family firearm and ignored their son’s signs of mental distress. They are also held in prison.

Approximately 40 teenagers accused of crimes are housed at the Children’s Village. The principal said Crumbley’s presence could be disruptive to other residents.

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