A look back at 2021 in Michigan government and politics


Federal COVID-19 relief fund at the new Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, the Michigan legislature faced many changes in 2021. Journalist Zach Gorchow looks back on the political landscape of the year in Michigan and what to expect from 2022.

There has been a certain warming of this cold war which has lasted for two years… That said, I don’t think everyone sings Kumbaya. —Zach Gorchow, Gongwer Press Service

Listen: Look back at 2021 in Lansing.


Zach Gorchow is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Gongwer News Service. He says one of the major developments in 2021 has been the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, “It’s night and day compared to how redistribution has been handled in the past. It was completely closed until it was presented to the Legislature, when it was approved as quickly as it could legally pass. After the commission faced legal action from the media for discussing memos in secret, Gorchow said the Michigan Supreme Court ruling this week sets a precedent for how the commission will conduct its future activities.

He also says that we should expect more lawsuits against the commission in the future. “At the time when these [maps] pass, it will only be a matter of hours before people start to sue.

Gorchow says Governor Gretchen Whitmer is more stringent COVID-19 regulations were almost nonexistent once the vaccines were made available, much to the delight of the majority of the Republican State Senate. “There has been a certain warming of this cold war which has been going on for two years… Having said that, I don’t think everyone sings Kumbaya. As Michigan’s 2022 gubernatorial election draws closer, Gorchow says Whitmer faces a tough environment despite reelection benefits. “The governor’s race is the key. This is what really sets the table for the whole ticket … the question is how does Governor Whitmer do and are Republicans in a position to nominate a strong candidate against her? “

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