Comparison of Non-Bank Loans in one place

You didn’t get a bank loan due to low creditworthiness or negative history in BIK? Maybe you are looking for a cheap loan with a fast repayment which you would like to pay back at one time? In both situations, a non-bank loan can help us, provided that we reach for it from a proven source. Ready-made tools that compare non-bank loans in one place work best in this respect.

Non-bank loans are not created equal

which many people had the opportunity to find out even on their own skin. Although the market for this type of loans is now more civilized. First of all, most unfair companies whose main task was to deceive a potential customer disappeared. Such companies usually had a very similar course of action.

First, they required their client to pay them an appropriate amount as part of the preparation fee (sometimes they were in the order of up to several hundred zlotys). Despite such a payment, the companies refused to grant the loan and did not even return the amount paid earlier.

Although today most of such companies no longer exist or do not operate officially, it does not mean that they have disappeared from the market for good. The list of KNF’s public warnings still includes companies that are considered to be unfair. If we take a good look, we will find close to a hundred companies and institutions that are very suspicious, for which a notification of suspected crime has been filed.

So if you are looking for a non-bank loan

So if you are looking for a non-bank loan

it is worth familiarizing yourself with this list or using reliable comparison websites of this type of loan. They are widely available on the Internet and include only proven companies that fulfill their contracts. Often, their customers do not always complete the terms of the contract, which causes various negative comments about specific companies to appear on the Internet.

Loan and comparison engine non-bank loans is one such tool that we can safely use when looking for the right loan offer. Currently, among the companies providing long-term non-bank loans, which are included in their list, there are over 20 proven companies.

To be able to specify which offer we are looking for, we can enter the loan amount we are interested in and the expected repayment period. The amounts of available loans start from just PLN 50 and can reach up to PLN 25,000. After specifying the loan that interests us, we should be shown to companies that can enable us to obtain the loan we need. In addition to the name of the company, we will also be able to read additional information about a specific company.

We are talking about the required income

Or information about the conditions the company sets for the borrower, such as age or required income. Very often we will also find there information whether a given company performs verification in the BIK databases.

Especially the last point may be of interest to people who got a negative decision to grant a loan or a bank loan, precisely because of the negative credit history in BIK. Among the companies that were included in the Loan and ranking, there were also companies that do not require a positive credit history to obtain a loan.

The last functionality of websites enabling the comparison of non-bank loans is the possibility to submit a loan application directly from the website. To do this, just click on the company that most meets our expectations for the loan and the site will take us to the website of the loan company. What’s more, directly to the place where the application for closing the loan agreement is located.