20 students file federal lawsuit against Michigan school after shooting – JURIST


A group of 20 students announced on Friday that they had filed a federal complaint against Oxford High School in Oakland County, Michigan. The students demand that the school’s policy be changed after a filming there in 2021.

The lawsuit was brought by the students in response to the school’s refusal to allow an independent investigation into the mass shooting that killed four students and seriously injured seven others. In a press conferencethe group said it was not seeking monetary compensation and wanted the district to make policy changes.

Solicitor Scott Weidenfeller, who represents the students, said: ‘The new school year is about 10 weeks away, and so these families have kids going back to school. And so, this lawsuit really seeks to force change through a federal court order.

The district and school are accused of failing to inform parents and students of the potential risk that unfolded on the day of the shooting. They are further accused of failing to “adequately protect” the students at several stages before the shooting happened.

The complaint alleges that the school and the district were aware of the threat Ethan Crumbley, the shooter, posed to students and teachers. The complaint also alleges that there were numerous occasions and instances where there were safety concerns and the school failed to notify the proper authorities.

Since the shooting, the school has rejected three offers from the state attorney general to review the events leading up to the shooting.

Andrea Jones, who is a parent of a student, said: ‘The trust had been broken and it was their duty to restore it. […] We continue to wait for answers and to put in place the policies we desperately need so that another tragic event does not affect our community. We need answers so we can fix what went wrong.

Other lawsuits against the school and the school district are pending.


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